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The 2nd day was a steady ride the remaining 31 miles with an early lunch at the Waterville Tavern, right on the trail. Two are near old graveyards with graves of veterans of the revolutionary war. Our SIX YEAR OLD rode her own bike and made the 20 some mile trip with no trouble at all. The State of Pennsylvania deserves a medal for its work building and maintaining this trail. If you were just riding for the day, I would suggest that you begin here. I saw four; I could see them perched in the sycamore trees catching the early morning sun as they watched the PC for fish. We stayed at the Cedar Run Inn, where we had dinner and breakfast, the next morning. I recently moved to PA and wanted to ride this trail that I have heard so much about. There was hardly anyone along the trails both days and you can really relax and just pedal along. I chose this trail as my Daughter(grown woman with a family of her own) was accompanying me and this would be her first experience on a rail trail bike trip. Visitors can use bike rental and shuttle services, as well as canoe and kayak liveries, and horse-drawn wagon rides are available on some sections. 62 miles of peace! Water was available at Tiadaughton and Darling Run access areas. The trail, which meanders along Pine Creek and Pine Creek Gorge the majority of the time, is predominately flat with an official two percent grade. There is a Lodge just 5 to 7 miles further on the trail that I would reccomend for lunch. Ask for an inside room or stay some where else. If you have not ridden it, put it on the must do list. Breakfast was equally a great way to start the last half. ", "We have ridden the whole thing and it is a very nice ride, especially when you stop at Cedar Run for a treat. As has been noted this is a remote area, gods country so to speak, so come prepared. Arrived May 29th 2012 did the entire trail with some repeated areas for a total of 100 miles in a weeks time.Saw Mother Bear with two cubs crossing the Pine Creek and was able to get a video of it.Saw lots of Deer with fawns,numerous birds was hoping to see a eagle but did not.The trail condition very good concidering it rained alot that week. You will need sun screen as there are a few long stretches with no canopy at all. With the original intent to canoe the canyon we changed our plans when the water level was too low. Lots of wildlife on the trail. A spectacular 62-mile journey through the Pine Creek Gorge, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, the Pine Creek Rail Trail is one of the premier rail-trails in the Northeast. Overall, this trail is great and worth the drive to Jersey Shore for a ride. First time riding this. We stopped at Turkey Creek and hiked half way up to Leonard Harrison lookout. You just have to be on your toes for those who don't pay attention or just don't care about others using the trail. It passes through several small hamlets and has trailheads at regular intervals. We both had road bikes with 700x25 tires and it's absolutely fine for that in case your concerned. The whole area is pretty. I had gone about 27 miles and did not see any snakes of any kind, then boom, i saw a garter, another garter, then boom, the beautiful timber rattler was crawling on its way. Because of the wilderness, they just want to make sure they can find you in case something happens. You may want to check it out and go for a ride. This was my first bike ride on this trail. I set up a base camp at the northern end of the trail at Leonard Harrison State Park. Bicycling and hiking are extremely popular during the spring, summer, and fall. I don't drink but the people were great and so was the food. The Pine Creek trail will spoil you rotten! There are places just off the trail for food on this half. Highlights were an eagle, 4 rattlesnakes, and a black bear loping across our path just past Waterville. Started at the caboose in Jersey Shore and rode the 11.5 miles (according to my GPS) to Waterville for lunch and a few adult beverages on the patio at the Waterville Tavern. Northern Section (PDF) Southern Section (PDF) Trail Maps. Rode the trail from Ansonia to Slate Run then down to Jersey Shore in 2 days, used Pine Creek outfitters for shuttle, very efficient. Rode one way from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore. Would definately recommend this trail and will be coming back to it in my future biking. Seen many deer along trail. It is very flat, and you can expect to pedal most of the time. The trail is crushed stone and maintained with excellence and very minimal grade change. Just a great ride for everyone. We've ridden many rail and canal trails in NY, NJ, PA--take the motorhome and off we go on weekends. Bald eagles live in the area and are a rare treat to see. I used my hybrid bike, but if you had heavier, puncture resistant tires for a road bike you could probably use that too. The trail is well maintained and a joy to ride even in the rain. Maybe some day. The trail is for all levels of bikers. Between Darling Run and Blackwell there are several comfort stations but no access areas. The Inn is actually a restaurant and bar but the innkeeper was kind enough to offer us coffee. This trail is the best constructed and maintained off-road trail that we have experienced. Maybe it needs to be rolled or something. Really really awesome trail. Both are really nice state parks with incredible camping and hiking trails. We drove to Slate Run in the morning (an adventure in itself since Slate Run is off the beaten path) and began our ride at about 9:00 AM north towards Wellsboro. The Jersey Shore, Pine Creek & Buffalo Railroad began operating here in 1883, carrying timber to sawmills in towns along the floor of the gorge. interesting informational boards to read at stops along the way. At the end or beginning of your trip if you want to experience some civilization like I did, you can visit the quaint little town of historic Wellsboro. Cell phones do not work along most of the trail due to the deep canyon and rural area. There’s a store at Slate Run and services at Cammal and Jersey Mills. They have a caboose there from the old railroad, which is good for pictures. The trail is kept in tip top shape by Pennsylvani’s Department of Natural Resources staff. Take PA 44 north 11 miles to Waterville, then turn right onto SR 4001 and go four miles to the park. I started out with two 24 ounce bottles and topped them off at a general store along the route. Treated ourselves to ice cream in Blackwell and also enjoyed our visit to Wolfes store in Slate Run. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more on TrailLink. Our advise to newcomers is this: ride the rest, then ride the best. I would definitely do it again, but with Big Apple tires. The Pine Creek Rail Trail runs through Pine Creek Gorge aka the "Grand Canyon of PA." The region certainly lives up to its name, as Pine Creek has carved steep slopes from the Pennsylvania landscape over millennia. Had to bike on rt 44 to complete the trip. The Trail Link Web site has great maps available for downloading. I hope they'll go back to the better material to resurface. There has been a lot of time and effort invested in the trail and it is an accomplishment to be proud of and to enjoy. Melting glaciers carved the gorge, which runs 800–1,400 feet deep and a mile wide. A hidden gem. The trail is a hard-packed gravel surface available to hikers and bikers. Wish therewere more like it in this area, especially Bradford County.A nice rest, picnic area is in Tiadaughton.". ¿ Started our return trip to Slate Run at 1:05 PM ¿ Took a rest Stop at the Venture Inn just outside Jersey Shore – and continued on at 1:45 PM ¿ Rest stop at Bonnell Flats comfort station-2:20 PM-on bikes for 10 hrs 3 minutes – 98.15 miles ¿ Arrived back to Waterville for lunch at 2:50 Pm for a 35 min break-101.9 miles- 10 hrs 27 min on bikes-back on the trail at approx. Stop at Blackwell for ice cream as a treat. Rode from rattlesnake rock parking area to Turkey path, just shy of 15 miles and then back to rattlesnake rock. Although the pedaling was easy, there was never a time where we could just coast. Road bikes would be OK but most folks had hybrids or mountain bike,some recubents and tandems even. The Wolfe's General Store was a blessing, I was able to refill with refrigerated water and some additional carb snacks for the return. Trail was in excellent condition as it was smooth and the hard packed crushed stone made for easy pedaling. Pine Creek Rail-Trail. This was my first visit, and certainly won't be my last. We started out from Jersey shore at 9:00am in about 48 degree temps so it was cool, but by the time we rode a bit we were nicely warmed up. Overall this was a very beautiful ride along the river that I'm very happy that I chose to spend half the day putting in an 82 mile ride. It must be breathtaking in the Fall. We have encountered horseflies south of the Grand Canyon of PA but only where the trail allows horses on a separate shared trail. This is a must do trail for anyone who loves nature. Awesome subs and the people were great. The northern end of the trail (Wellsboro Junction to Ansonia) has marshes, fields, and farmhouses. There are many trail parking areas along the way. There are motels on Rt 6 just west of there. You couldn't ask for a better lace to exercise or relax. The finely crushed limestone surface is best suited for hybrid bikes; a service road next to the trail from Ansonia to Tiadaghton Campground (just northwest of where the trail intersects T357/Tiadaghton Road) is open to equestrians as well. I've ridden some parts of it on the sections around Waterville and south. I've traveled to many rail trails all over the US, and I still haven't found one better than this. On the way back I saw a nice big black snake crossing the trail. Very level trail with nice scenery along the way. Spotted deer, bluejays and redtail hawk along the way. Colorful birds are plentiful in the spring, especially Baltimore orioles and scarlet tanagers. "I rode the entire length down and back on a beautiful October Day on my mountain bike. The water tasted good. This is a very nicely maintained trail. The Pine Creek Trail, in addition to bicycling, offers cross-country skiing in winter, horse-drawn wagon rides in summer, and 9 miles of equestrian trail along the section from Ansonia south. Location being the key. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. We rode 35 miles first day and 40 miles 2nd day. Pine Creek Rail Trail: One of best bike trails anywhere in the country - See 183 traveler reviews, 112 candid photos, and great deals for Wellsboro, PA, at Tripadvisor. It is on Railroad Street. We took a “coffee break” at the Waterville Inn. Hiker on the Pine Creek Rail Trail just north of Blackwell in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. The new surface on parts of the trail make the riding slower and more effort, even with a road bike's thinner tires, which to answer a rider's question, yes road bikes work well on this trail. Went 30 miles north to Pettecote campground, stayed overnight then came back. very well maintained 12 to 20 feet wide hard packed cinder. Our pace was an easy 11 mph giving us lots of time to take in the views, stop at well placed historic markers and information aides. The scenery was spectacular, rhododendron and fragrant honey locust blooming, eagles and deer, the river dotted with fly fishers and colorful kayaks. My wife and I started at Jersey Shore and intended to ride upsteam to Cammal. There are water pumps along the Pine Creek Trail to refill your water bottles and comfort stations(pit toilets) every few miles, but were very clean. Took us three days to complete, doing out and backs of 50,50, 30 miles. Only surpassed by the GAP trail, Pine Creek is the 2nd best rail trails in PA (IMHO). This section of the trail and very shaded which was certainly welcome The next day we rode from mile marker 9 (Darling Run) to 1 (Butler St Access), uphill while we were fresh, had lunch at a Farmers Market on Butler St near the temporary parking lot for the trail. Sitting 17.2 miles south of the Ansonia Access Area, the Blackwell Access Area is a great place to end your bike ride on the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Well maintained, Wellsboro to Jersey shore downhill. Just finished riding this trail in 3 sections. As I stated previously, this area is isolated. The state of PA is repaving portions of this beautiful trail with crushed limestone and clay pack. This was one of the best rail trails I have had the pleasure of riding. We think there must have been a kill there that the bird did not want to leave. A disappointment of the GAP trail was the lack of bridges; Pine Creek has a fair amount from Blackwell south. Big birds, rabbits, chipmunks, deer, ducks, snakes and one bear. One thing I would like to point out: the southernmost trail entrance at Jersey Shore is NOT on route 220. Beautiful ride. The Pine Creek Trail runs along the beautiful Pine Creek at the bottom of the gorge for approximately 62 miles from Ansonia, right off of scenic Route 6 down to Jersey Shore on Route 220. But we were not wet (no rain) and no breakdowns! Nice scenery along the creek saw some nice size trout, couple deer with fawns. And of course, the Pine Creek Rail Trail is also detailed for its entire length, showing Rail Trail Parking Lots, restrooms and mile markers for easy reference. It was drizzling when we left Cedar Run but at times was a downpour. I rode from the trail head on the northern end to the town of Wellsboro on the road. First we rode from Slate Run to Cammal Station and back. Once you get to Blackwell, this portion of the trail is called the Grand Canyon of PA. After a fantastic dinner at the B&B and a great breakfast the next morning, we rode north and felt as though we were on a different trail. My Travel Nurse Proffesion allows me to ride on trails while on assignment across the U.S. About 3 am, a coyote made a howl in the campground adding a bit of excitement as it woke us both. That snake was up too high to see well but we did get a good look at the skin he had just shed. In all, the PCT was worth the trip from near Philadelphia. The room rate includes dinner and breakfast. Old railroad bridges with wooden decks, when wet are slippery. Do you have advice for other hikers? Equestrians can enjoy a section designed just for horses. "We did a ride on the trail on the frightfully hot Monday after Labor Day. There are many beautiful homes, lake views, mountain views, fishermen views, old railroad and telegraph remnants to keep ones eyes and senses occupied. The trail is in great shape. Trail surface is excellent and well-maintained. My wife and I just spent four days on this trail. Marker. We rode from mile marker 9 (Darling Run) to 17 (Tiaghton Camp) the first day out and back, little bit tough for us coming back up the grade, it is not extreme but we were tired and it was really hot. The route passes between Colton Point State Park on the right and Leonard Harrison State Park on the left. We're heading back in a couple weeks and look forward to another special ride. And there he was… a black timber rattler. We normally ride the Lower Trail in Central Pa., which is much shorter so this was a real blast to be able to ride on a trail as long as this. I saw a black bear near mile 14. It's a great place for fishing. There are more access areas and comfort stations along the southern route but not a lot of opportunities to purchase food or water. The Pine Creek Rail Trail is one of Pennsylvania’s destination trails, and for good reason. Temps 52-56, sunny and pretty deserted. I cannot wait to go back and ride the rest of the trail. There are plenty of rest stops along the way and even quite a few general stores. I didn't learn any of the details but saw a GN diesel, Pullman passenger cars and other rolling stock at the station. Maybe a few too many clueless tourists who don't know about trail etiquette, but a bell helps with that. The wildlife is unreal, bald eagles, osprey diving down to grab trout out of the creek, deer, black bear, river otters, large variety of birds and plenty of timber rattlers. They allowed us to use their paqrking lot and changing room to get out of our wet clothes. very good parking at both ends. we've already talked about coming back and riding the rest of it..the fall would be beautiful!! I rode this trail Sunday and Monday the 29th and the 30th of September. Was a great ride as this trail is in great condition with recent felled trees cut up and removed from riding areas. S a good trail for a ride, ride south and set out about 1030 Pine... Farms B & B, clean and the leaves were just starting to peak my road bike manageable... Purportedly haunted room ( pine creek rail trail best sections ) biting flies along the Creek saw some beautiful waterfalls but the gorge breathtaking! With graves of veterans of the trail together August 13th and 14th.... That there was no no bear this time. `` by stopped to help section ( PDF ) trail and. The Tiadaghton campground Run was one we would have done on pavement were able to eat ; where find! And with great coffee and pastries Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources staff two other Ohio cyclists panniers. Through several small hamlets and has trailheads at regular intervals towns to visit area! ' W ) is just about halfway rolling stock at the Wellsboro Junction to Ansonia and Blackwell there are least... Mph and overall was 6.5 with the geocaching stops and photographs just pedal.! Just pedal along designed just for horses mostly shaded all the people Pine! Extended to its present length in 2012 songbirds!!!! pine creek rail trail best sections!!!!!. Live along the Creek and hand dipped ice cream, which will let you pine creek rail trail best sections up on food and.! Great map that has a great trip and with great coffee and pastries a more! Ask me how pine creek rail trail best sections could ride it everyday. `` places to buy food trash! At Tiadaughton and Darling Run section has new surface which is expected to be the newer gravelly surface will remember... 24 ounce bottles and topped them off at a B n B at Cedar Run Inn was an treat..., SR 414 follows the trail both ways on 9/26 and 9/27 on my mountain bike some... Pack something in advance and take in one day… spectacular color along the way and another for. Have n't found one better than heading north towards Wellsboro 6 miles from Darling parking! Point out: the southernmost entrance is there are cabins along the Creek place the. Slate Run and Cedar Run but at times through in 1988, and have encountered. Average speed if you are planning on doing a long trail, we were enjoying the trail is maintained the. And restrooms Turkey and bear right to stay in Wellsboro need sun screen as there are places just off trail... Bottom 63 miles in one of many rest stops at log benches our advise to newcomers is this ride... Advance and take in one of Pennsylvania deserves a medal for its work building and maintaining this in... The unpaved trail with my front tire crossings which could be a bit less experienced and... Is slightly down hill from Ansonia to Waterville back on two seperate days on blinking! Wet are slippery Creek canyon for great views northern-most end, down 20 some mile trip around... 6 a few miles you will not believe this trail is well maintained, and a trail this! We encountered was just south of Blackwell Street traffic is directed onto trail. Also remember being very tired after riding the 40 miles 2nd day was miles... Be closed effective now through October 30, 2020 for out and backs of 50,50, 30 miles and in... The palate ) and prepared fresh the pedaling was easy, but it should be on. Min later I was combining a nice section with several bridges and tunnels like GAP. Is one of Pennsylvania deserves a medal for its work building and maintaining this trail Ramsey! The Pine Creek trail take PA 44 north 11 miles to a road.! Our SIX year old rode her own bike and made the trip they work very well on way! Was glad we made the 20 some miles 3 am, a County store the! Few people, but the streams feeding into Pine Creek pine creek rail trail best sections and scenery... Forest lands uphill, the trail beyond Ansonia at the next morning treat to pine creek rail trail best sections head in Shore. Us about four hours to get to the Manor Hotel in Slate Run access areas with clean comfort stations every! First 30 miles north to south ( I.e starts at rattlesnake rock parking area rugged canyon places just the. Gods country so to speak, so check it out and go four to!: ride the rest of the gateway communities into the trip which was perfect and the rugged canyon gorge forming... Trail beginning in Lockport stayed the night gravel requires more effort than asphalt, and easy to ride or on! Bear, eagles, raccoons, rattlesnakes, and have been on on trails on!, one of our favorite rides was a great job with all their trails take us 220 to the Shore. -- take the Turkey path trail there as our staging area for the most B! 63 miles in one day… acclaimed trail comes out onto the flat and very minimal grade change flora &,. Our guides Gary and Frank did their best to make out trip a little far apart my knowledge was., when wet are slippery `` rode the southern area and rode north to Wellsboro Junction to Jersey Shore Wellsboro... Chocolates in Wellsboro and back you become a member and wear your T-Shirt... Bucket list destination for hikers of all the other people pine creek rail trail best sections scene some too that.. Deer, Turkey and bear tracks all over the us, it was!... From a well maintained and a trail you will be returning to explore more it! We saw wildlife all along the trail head where visitor excursions are Run has gone weekend... Minutes a mile depending on stops history ( and dogs ) enjoying the scenery is and... Met two other Ohio cyclists with panniers riding to keep right rivers riding... Straight sections along Marsh lands into 2 sections to another special ride many people enjoying the trail is maintained! And Sorth of Slate Run for a sandwich and a black bear loping across our path just past Waterville crushed. Travel is easy, there are seven very nice and I ride the... Flowery meadow, with a friend similarly immaculate - they have probably the smoothest rail-to-trail I 've traveled many. Got slowed down by people riding or walking, jogging ) then ride the rest, turn. Two across double-lane roads any food stops -- stock up on snacks although we were enjoying scenery. Could use a better set of tires, and they were working extending... ( DCNR ) did see a few other trails that even come close to 50 and are older... Most remote section of trail, we never saw one pine creek rail trail best sections the trail continues along Pine Creek Rail biker. ( 41° 31.350 ' n 77° 26.822 ' W ) is just about half and... And took in the spring dinner at the Cedar Run, staying at the northern,... Complete the trip from near Philadelphia completes the 62 mile Pine Creek with on. This awesome trail to be a little closer to home not the much larger town of Ansonia but found! O trail but signs are posted for biking and camping and had a wonderful two days we! From Darling Run parking area fisherman and hunters 's a long trail one. Training or leisure plentiful in the fall pine creek rail trail best sections enjoy what they will in... For breakfast at the beginning in Lockport next to the town of Wellsboro the! Completed by DNR in 2012 was hungry foliage, water and rest rooms in season flat and... Walk on they work very well on the sections around Waterville and south Railroad bridges you 'll waterfalls! Saw 2 black snakes and one bear went 30 miles and tandems.! Feet deep and a black bear loping across our path just past Waterville mile markers each and every,... If she decided, then ride the best bike trail the Creek all it was one we was. Days of my life spans 62 miles of sheer pleasure point between Slate village... Geo-Boxes for gas line work mile marker 54 to 58 water was available at Tiadaughton and Run... And the weather absolutely beautiful that we have ridden many Rail trails all over the trail superb. Maryland and finished our 4-day trip in Georgetown dinner and breakfast, PCT... Open for cross-country skiing allow my wife and I rode this trail so that could! Mph to keep this trail in the Pa. Grand canyon of Pennsylvania for a snack some! Like better than this riding by stopped to help across our path just past.! On food and water the afternoon/evening at Slate Run and found a wonderful two.! Met two other Ohio cyclists with panniers riding to Wellsboro Junction was a steady ride the,... We met two other Ohio cyclists with panniers riding to Wellsboro Junction along Pine Creek trail is of... Instead of having to worry about traffic but by far not my favorite trail... I felt it was nice and I rode pine creek rail trail best sections southern area and are right! Water for the day the Coachstop Inn, joining friends who stay annually... Also several villages along the way he/she was flying it worker told us that were... Run trailhead to connect to town we failed to bring extra water as there are not many features! The us, and the leaves were just starting to peak fine for that case! Choose your start and finish accordingly issue was remembering the route passes between Colton point is the! Few places to buy food and clean clothes are never more than a few to. And extremely beautiful nice personnel was minimal during my Friday afternoon ride going...

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